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OK, so you've done the deed, "junior" is well on the way and you are beginning to panic about his/her name...or maybe baby is already here and
(very loudly) demanding a new title...or perhaps you are an expectant/new father, godparent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, etc. looking for some baby name ideas to help welcome the new arrival into the world.

Well, the first thing to do is STOP...BREATHE, RELAX...

Doesn't that feel better?  You can stop worrying, because whatever you are looking for, we are sure we can help, so go grab yourself a cup of coffee (decaf or hot water if you're a mom-to be!) and have a seat while I explain how to get the best value from this site:

Here's what you do...

  • First thing you should do is use the link at the top left side of your screen to grab yourself a copy of our free ebook, "Baby Tips for New Parents",  - you'll love it!
  • Next, bookmark this site so that you can return to dip into our bottomless pool of baby name and baby resources whenever you get a few minutes.
  • If you have a particular baby name in mind and you want to know the meaning of it, try our baby name search box below.  Or if you are looking for lots of ideas for names, hop over to our baby name lists page - we have tons of baby name lists that we are are adding to on a weekly basis!! 
  • Now have a look through our massive list of articles and baby name resources, where you will find lots of ideas for choosing the best name for your baby, including information on the 100 top baby names and many different types of name, including African American, Italian, Gaelic, Asian, etc.
  • Also, take some time out and have fun shopping for gifts for the  newborn, using our Main Menu links. It can be a nightmare trying to trawl around the stores if you are pregnant, or with a new baby in tow - its so much easier to  shop in comfort for high quality baby products, using our range of trusted merchant partners.
  • And if you are looking for a gift for the parents, why not consider a  subscription to one of the excellent baby and parenting magazines on the market.  You can get massively discounted subscriptions using the Magazines link in the Main Menu.
  • And if you really can't find what you're looking for, have a check through our link partners


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As you can see, we are all about baby names...and much, much more...








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